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Reasons to be Thankful for Web Portals

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Reasons to be Thankful for Web Portals

As we all reflect on what we’re thankful for, HPS wanted to share some feedback from our clients and why they’re thankful for their web portal solutions. Here are some of the top things our clients are thankful for, and why you should consider an HPS portal for your business.

Reduced Call Volumes

Because they’ve made claims and eligibility data available in their privately-branded portals, HPS clients are very thankful for reduced calls to their Customer Service Departments. The ability for plan members, providers, and others to access information online reduces the amount of incoming calls with routine questions. This enables our clients to reduce Customer Service time and costs while freeing them up to address more important issues.

More Self-Service for Stakeholders

Whether it’s from online enrollment, analytic reports, or ID card requests, online self-service capabilities give HPS clients a lot to be thankful for. It reduces the amount of manual intervention to address common requests, gives their stakeholders the convenience of accessing information 24/7, and also improves their marketability as they promote their business to potential clients.

Improved Productivity

Who wouldn’t be thankful for a more productive staff? Through the HPS portal, that’s exactly what our clients get. The portal enables clients to convert paper processes to electronic ones, streamline the management of requests, and automate the distribution of communications, documents, and reminders. This enables clients to get more done with less effort and time.

Engaging Mobile Platforms

In an age where mobile technology is in high demand, our clients are thankful to have engaging, mobile portals for interacting with their members. HPS’ portals aren’t just mobile compatible; they’re also attractive, easy to use, and made for engaging members efficiently. As a result, HPS clients don’t just keep up with consumer demands; they also differentiate themselves from the competition through the technology they offer.


HPS is excited and grateful to support our clients in improving their business operations and communications. If your company would like to achieve similar levels of success, please schedule a demo. We’d be thankful to work with you.

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