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What HPS Employees Say About Our Online Wellness Programs

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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What HPS Employees Say About Our Online Wellness Programs


HPS sees the value of our plug-and-play wellness programs so much that we provide these benefits to our own employees! Here are some personal testimonials from our employees about their experience with these programs:


“When I was traveling for work, I got sick and called the telemedicine doctor. He diagnosed me, helped me find a pharmacy nearby, and I quickly got the medication I needed to get on the road to recovery.” – Brenda


“When my grandfather had to go into hospice, Health Advocate helped us research the options available. They were very professional and helpful during this stressful time for my family.” – Jenny


“At the start of the year, HPS did the Choose to Lose weight loss competition. We had 10 people participate, and at the end of the challenge, we lost a combined 122 pounds!” – James


“When my daughter gets sick, the MeMD telemedicine doctor is the first call I make. It saves me time from having to take time off work and saves my daughter from having to physically go to the doctor when she’s not feeling good. It is incredibly convenient.” – Melanie


“I wanted a health and fitness program with stretching exercises that were simple and would help improve my golf game, so I asked my Health Advocate coach. They reviewed my diet and made improvements, and provided stretching exercises specifically designed to work on my core and the muscle groups needed for my golf swing. Then my coach called each week to follow up and ensure I was successful reaching my goals. They are great!.” – Alan


“I wanted to lose weight, and the HealthDay videos suggested some of the top dieting apps. I began using one of them and lost 13 pounds!” – Jenny


“When my husband was diagnosed with a new medical condition, the Healthwise Knowledgebase helped us understand more about the condition and the options for treating it. It was an extremely helpful resource.” – Janie


“When HPS did the 3-week hydration competition, all the water drinking helped me lose 7 pounds!” – Rosa


“I have used MeMD telemedicine several times. The service has helped me get the medical care I needed, when I needed it, without having to leave or miss work. The whole process takes about 30 minutes, the doctors are friendly and knowledgeable, and my prescriptions were sent straight to my pharmacy.” – Ashley


These online programs work for our employees, and they’ll work for your plan members too! HPS’ solutions for wellness, healthcare advocacy, and telemedicine easily plug into our portal and are priced at wholesale prices. So what do you have to lose?

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