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3 Key Needs Met by Mobile Claim Submission

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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3 Key Needs Met by Mobile Claim Submission

One of the biggest buzzwords in today’s technology world is “experience”. User experience and the need to engage users is becoming more of a necessity in our increasingly interconnected, mobile-based industry. And while user experience is important, it’s also critical that Payers continue to improve business efficiencies without getting too bogged down with technology.

Mobile claim submission satisfies the needs for both a strong user experience and the ability to help Payers operate efficiently. Outlined below are three aspects of mobile claim submission and how they can streamline operations for the Payer while delivering a seamless online experience for members and providers.


Mobile Interface

Online claim forms aren’t just accessible through a PC or laptop; they’re also accessible through a mobile device. The forms automatically resize to fit the screen of the device, making the forms usable regardless of the device being used. For Payers, offering this mobile-based interface doesn’t just satisfy user demands for mobile technology; it also gives the Payer greater portal usability, providing users more opportunities to submit claims online rather than on paper. For the member, the mobile claim submission interface provides a convenient way for members to complete their healthcare tasks in a way that’s convenient and comfortable to them.

Document Attachment

Besides collecting claim data, HPS’ mobile claim submission also meets the Payer’s need to collect supporting documentation for the claim. Whether it’s a receipt, invoice, or other document, the user can attach these to the online claim form or, if they’re using a mobile device, can use the camera on their device to take a picture of the document and submit it. While this helps Payers easily collect a complete set of data for claim processing, it also delivers a seamless interface and easy experience for the end user.

Claim Updates

The HPS mobile claim submission tool automatically transmits submitted claims to the Payer’s claim adjudication system. This not only eliminates the need for manual keying in of information, but also enables the Payer to respond to new claims quickly, improving customer service performance metrics too. And for the end user who wants to stay updated, the portal can receive updates from the Payer’s claim system and then send text or email updates to the user updating them about their claim’s status.


For Payers, mobile claim submission means driving online workflows, collecting a complete set of claim data, and better Customer Service efficiencies. For members and providers, it means convenience, a seamless online experience, and fast and reliable updates from the Payer. These advantages create the best of both worlds, combining streamlined operations with an engaging experience for the Payer and its end users.

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