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HPS Client Success Story: Online Invoices

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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HPS Client Success Story: Online Invoices

How One Payer Cut Their Invoice Distribution Time in Half

For one of HPS’ clients, distributing monthly invoices to employer groups was painful. Each month, our client manually sent invoices to employers through secure email. Then, if an employer hadn’t paid the invoice, our client composed additional reminder emails until the bill was paid.

Employers on the other hand had to create a login account for the secure email service – another username and password to remember – in order to access invoices. And if they lost an invoice, they’d have to dig through their old emails or ask our client to resend it again.

Tired of being heavy laden with manual processes, this client decided to use their HPS portal to automate the distribution of their monthly invoices. In so doing, they cut their invoice distribution time in half. Here’s how they did it.


Posting Invoices Online

Since our client already posted employer-specific plan documents online, they decided to do the same with their invoices. When uploading invoices, the client indexed each invoice by group and also by plan type (self-funded, FSA, COBRA, etc.). This saved time and hassle for our client and their employer groups by accomplishing three things:

  1. All invoices were now kept online in a secure environment, eliminating the need for secure email.
  2. Employers already had a portal login, so there was no need for them to create a separate secure email account.
  3. Employers could access all their past invoices online at any time. No more digging through old emails or calling our client for another copy.

Automatic Reminders

Once our client uploaded the invoice, the portal sent an automatic notification to the employer informing them of the new invoice for review online. But in addition, if the employer hadn’t paid the invoice, the portal would send automatic reminders to the employer until the invoice was paid. This eliminated the need for our client’s accounting staff to compose notification emails manually, one-by-one. It also kept employers in the loop about their invoices every step of the way.


To keep tabs of each invoice, the client added a tracking tool that enabled them to look up any invoice and see who viewed it, when they viewed it, and whether they paid it. HPS also created a report that showed a list of all the employer groups, and which groups had or hadn’t paid. This provided a quick and easy way for our client to track and manage collections for outstanding invoices.


What had previously been a manual, time-consuming, cumbersome process turned into an automated, time-saving, and streamlined process completely protected by HIPAA-compliant security. Now when our client does its monthly invoicing, they breeze through it and use their new-found time for more important tasks in their daily operations.

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