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Your Provider Productivity Center

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Your Provider Productivity Center

Who doesn’t want to be more productive and efficient? While that is certainly the case for Payers, it’s also the case for your providers. Sometimes when it comes to productivity, provider portals leave a lot to be desired. Sure, providers can check claim status and eligibility, but when it comes to many other tasks, they have to do them on paper or with yet another portal login.



Submit Pre-Authorizations

Whether prescribing a costly drug or sending the patient for a potentially costly procedure, providers can coordinate with you directly by submitting pre-authorizations online. The provider can send you the authorization details and documents within minutes, saving them from having to fill out, scan, and submit paper forms separately. And as the portal transmits authorization data directly to your claim system, you’re spending less time deciphering handwriting and keying in information from paper forms.


Submit Claims

Providers want to submit claims as soon as possible so they can get paid as soon as possible. By submitting claims through your portal, providers can get the claim to you faster. This helps you achieve faster intake and response to claims, faster provider payment, and ultimately happier providers.


Secure Email and Live Chat

If a provider can’t find the information they need online, he can save a phone call by contacting you through email or live chat. This enables providers to get fast responses, leave a message if your office is closed, and every message sent is kept secure online within your portal. This cuts down on your incoming call volumes while boosting provider satisfaction.


Access to Patient RX Data

In addition to medical claims, providers can access to their patient’s prescription history. This gives the physician a better understanding of their patient’s health, which drugs to prescribe, and which drugs best suit the patient’s benefit plan and budget. Cost-conscious prescribing early on can contribute to large benefit plan savings later.


Accessing Other Provider Portals

When providers need to access other portals for case management, clearinghouse services, or other purposes, they should be able to get to them from the Payer’s main portal. This saves them from logging in to a separate site, reduces provider frustration, and improves the provider experience with your company.


Claims lookup? Check. Pre-auth submission? Check. Online communication tools? Check. All of it is available in one portal for your providers to use. By sending your providers to one portal that has all the tools they need, you can boost their productivity while also automating your own business processes.

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