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Dental Benefit Portals

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Dental Benefit Portals

Dental benefit management is no easy task. Besides engaging members to use their dental benefits, dental administrators must keep costs low and operate efficiently in order to be as profitable as possible.

The right portal can support your business processes and administration efforts for dental benefit plans. Here are four ways you can lean on your web portal to facilitate dental benefit management in a more efficient, cost-effective manner:


  1. Digital ID Cards

    In our digital age, members would rather access plan information from their phone rather than keeping a stack of cards in their wallet. Let your mobile-friendly web portal store a digital version of the member’s ID card so they can access it securely at any time. Moving members to digital ID cards will also cut down on your card printing and mailing costs.

  2. Claim Submission

    Rather than submit paper claim forms that your team has to decipher and key in, use the portal for dental claim submission. Online claim submission ensures the required information is collected, and the portal generates an electronic file of claims that can be imported into your claim system. This not only automates the claim intake process for you, but also expedites how you respond to new claims.

  3. Enrollment Management

    Is an employer doing open enrollment for dental benefits? Is a member adding a dependent to their plan? Are you managing multiple plan and rate structures for each employer group? Use your portal to easily facilitate enrollment in a targeted manner for members, HR reps, brokers, and your internal staff. The portal automatically generates an enrollment file that is sent to your claim system for seamless processing. Whatever the enrollment scenario, online enrollment lets you customize the workflows for your users while making enrollment management more efficient for you.

  4. Member Engagement

    Members often don’t understand their dental benefits, but your portal can help increase their understanding. With your mobile-friendly portal, members can see their plan options illustrated, search for a dentist, and even send you their questions through secure email. By giving members convenient, user-friendly online tools, you’ll have more educated members and stronger benefits engagement too.


Integrated web portals are designed to support you in managing dental benefits. Whether it’s moving to automated, electronic processes or making benefits easier to understand, your web portal can be a key platform to helping you manage dental benefit plans more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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