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Employer Mobile Portal

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Employer Mobile Portal

Providing mobile access to your portal exponentially increases its usability. This is certainly the case for Employers, especially as they increasingly rely on tablets to conduct their everyday benefit tasks.

With the HPS Mobile Portal, Employers can do more online beyond the basic eligibility and document lookup. Here’s how Employers can be more productive through mobile-based access to their benefits portal:


Employee Email Management & Communication

When employees send secure emails to HR, the Employer can not only email back but also flag emails for further review and follow up. By categorizing their secure emails in this way, the Employer will stay better organized as he or she addresses a variety of employee needs and requests.

Finding a Doctor

With the growing complexity of healthcare, employees often need more direct guidance in finding the right provider. When employees ask which providers are covered under the plan, the Employer can simply search for the employee in the mobile portal, find the covered providers, and advise the employee appropriately. This enables the Employer to answer questions quickly, efficiently, and without having to wait until they’re back at their desk.


Change is constant when it comes to employee benefits, and Employers can adapt quickly through mobile enrollment. Whether enrolling a new hire, terminating employee coverage, or handling the ongoing benefit changes, Employers can quickly do this from their mobile device. Using mobile enrollment, Employers can accomplish the same things as they would on a PC, letting them adapt and change quickly as their employees do.

Run Reports

What’s the latest plan census? What are the top diagnoses we’ve incurred claims on this year? These types of questions can be addressed through the reporting in the Employer Mobile Portal. Whether they’re at their desk or in the middle of a meeting, Employers can pull up these metrics from their mobile device on the spot, allowing for more meaningful discussions and informed decision-making.


The Employer Mobile Portal gives HR and Risk Managers easier access to data and convenient tools for answering questions quickly. This convenient mobile access enables Employers to address needs and requests as they come, improving benefit management efficiencies and reducing HR workloads.

To learn more about how Employers can be more productive in the HPS Employer Portal, schedule a demo.

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