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Grow and Manage Sales Through Portal Integration

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Grow and Manage Sales Through Portal Integration

Portals, in their most basic form, consolidate data from your administration systems into one online platform. This enables users to go online to access claims, prescriptions, EOBs, and other benefit details. However, going beyond the basics and integrating third party benefit programs into the portal can do a great deal to reduce cost, generate revenue, and boost your marketability.

Whether it’s case management programs, telemedicine portals, or EAP services, integrating these programs into your portal can help you build your business and manage sales more effectively. Here’s how.


Centralized Access

By integrating third party benefit programs into your portal, you provide a central point of access to all benefit-related information, not just claims. Members and Employers would no longer have to log into different portals for different things, making the benefit utilization easier, the user experience better, and the marketability of your business stronger.

Easy Management of Benefit Sales

Online access to third party programs can be turned on or off by employer group, ensuring that employees and employers will only see the benefit programs that they’ve purchased. As a result, when you promote benefit program add-ons such as telemedicine or patient advocacy, you can easily grant access to those programs based on who has purchased them. This makes for faster selling of ancillary programs and easy management and administration online.

Hands-Off Eligibility File Sending

A key component of selling third-party programs is sending eligibility files to the program vendor when enrolling a new group. When you work with HPS, we can send those eligibility files on your behalf. Because we already receive your groups’ eligibility files, we can securely transmit those files to your program vendors as your groups subscribe. This reduces your staff’s efforts for producing and sending files and consequently your cost to implement and sell your 3rd party benefit programs.


Leaning on HPS to integrate and coordinate with your 3rd party vendors frees you up to do what you do best – selling benefit plans and programs. Through your partnership with us, you can use your portal platform to not only display data but also to drive sales and utilization of the benefit programs you offer.

To learn more about HPS’ standard third-party integrations or to integrate your preferred vendors, schedule a demo.

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