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5 Ways to Use Secure Email for Benefit Operations

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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5 Ways to Use Secure Email for Benefit Operations

With more people working from home, there’s an increasing shift to using online communication tools. Your web portal secure email is no exception, and it should be leveraged to securely communicate to your members, providers, and other key stakeholders. HPS’ Secure Email offers 5 key advantages to help you optimize the use of secure email. Here they are:


Document Attachment

The HPS Secure Email lets any users send questions about claims, eligibility, and other issues to your team. However, it can also be used as a secure means to send you documents. Whether it’s documentation you require to process a claim or a birth certificate to complete an enrollment, they can be sent securely to you through the portal. If the user is composing a secure email on their mobile device, they can use the camera on their device to take a picture of the document and send it to you, increasing the usability and convenience for the user.

Contact Customer Service

Ever gotten a call where a caller is inquiring about a claim and is fumbling to find the claim number? This won’t happen with Secure Email. The Secure Email button is directly linked to every claim, so if a user has a question about a specific claim, the details about that claim will automatically populate in the email, along with the user’s question. This saves both parties time and gives you the information you need up front so you can resolve the question quickly.


Beyond the basic emailing capability, the portal also is equipped with several ways that you can route messages to the appropriate members of your team. Need claims-related questions to go to your claims department? You can do that. Need emails from certain employers or brokers to go to a specific Account Manager? You can do that too. The routing gives you the flexibility to send the messages to the people who can resolve the issue most effectively.

Member to Employer Emails

Did you know that members can also email their employer through secure email? This gives members the ability to communicate with their employer about sensitive HR-related issues within a secure environment. We recognize that not all employers may want or need this capability, so it can be turned on or off by employer depending on the need.

Flag Secure Emails for Tracking & Management

To help your team stay organized in responding to messages, your admin portal secure email lets you create and manage email flags. With these flags, you can mark emails as “resolved,” “pending,” or another status, letting your team track and manage a message from the time it’s received to the time it is resolved.

Because the secure email is embedded in the HPS portal, it eliminates the need and cost for separate secure email solutions. Its configurability also enables you to optimize how it is used to ensure maximum productivity for your team.

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