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Portal Support for the No Surprises Act

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Portal Support for the No Surprises Act

The No Surprises Act brings both compliance requirements and implications for Payers’ mail and web-based distribution of information.

Below are several ways you can use your portal to meet the requirements and mitigate some of the costs from the No Surprises Act.



Mailed EOB Opt-Out

Printing and mailing EOBs is costly enough, but the requirement to also mail advanced EOBs could increase your print and mail costs exponentially.

Use your portal to prompt members to opt out of their mailed EOBs and get EOBs from the portal instead. Members will have secure access to their EOBs and you’ll save money on printing. Plus, if you’re using a vendor to mail your EOBs, the portal can automatically transmit members’ opt outs to the vendor so they can quickly cease mailing to those members.


Online Advanced EOB (AEOB)

If you use vendors to print and mail your regular EOBs, HPS can bring those EOBs into your portal to display. If your vendors are also producing Advanced EOBs, ask your vendor to provide those to HPS as well. This will give you and your members centralized access to AEOBs and your regular EOBs inside your portal.


Provider Lookup

Now more than ever, it will be important for members to know which providers are in-network. Whether you want to link to provider network websites outside your portal or you want members to search for a provider inside your portal, HPS can help you do that.

With both the provider network links and provider search tools, Payers can direct members to the providers that are in-network under their plan, helping members avoid surprise bills from an out-of-network provider.


New ID Card Template Editor

The No Surprises Act has several new requirements for the data displaying on ID cards. If you produce your own ID cards and you’re not using a vendor, use HPS’ new ID card designer to streamline the updating of your groups’ ID cards.

Simply upload a PDF template of the ID card and the portal will use the template to create a digital ID card for the member. The ID card will be populated with the member’s eligibility data from your claim system.

As ID card requirements expand, use this solution to easily upload new ID card templates for your different client groups.


Single-Sign On

As new pricing transparency vendors enter the market, remember that you can integrate those members into your portal through single sign-on. This would let members log into your portal and then access the transparency vendor’s portal without logging in again.

This creates a seamless experience for the member while also enabling you to manage and control access to your vendors in your portal.



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