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Take the Guesswork out of Benefit Plan Enrollment

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Take the Guesswork out of Benefit Plan Enrollment

Enrollment season can create a lot of confusion for members, employers, brokers, and Payers. Whether it’s eligibility questions, action items, or status updates, enrollment can cause a lot of unnecessary guesswork for everyone involved.

Enrollment should not be confusing, and by deploying the HPS Online Enrollment, Payers can reduce confusion and make the enrollment experience easier for everyone. Here’s how:

Enrollees don’t have to guess which coverages apply to them.

When members enroll, they’ll only see the benefits and coverages that apply to their employer and to their personal eligibility. This helps them focus exclusively on the enrollment benefits relevant to them so they can make decisions quicker.

Enrollees don’t have to guess the pros and cons of different plans.

By using a side-by-side comparison tool, enrollees can easily compare plans, options, and the costs involved.

Employers don’t have to guess which members still need to enroll this season.

By using the Enrollment Status Report, employers can see which employees have enrolled online and which employees need a reminder to enroll.

You don’t have to guess whether there are enrollments for review.

Web portal notifications keep Payers informed when there are new enrollment transactions awaiting approval. This enables them to review and react quickly.

Enrollees don’t have to guess about the status of their enrollment.

Enrollees are notified when their enrollment has been approved or denied. This keeps them in the loop so they don’t have to call your Eligibility Department to check.

You don’t have to guess how many enrollments have been manually keyed into your claim system.

The HPS web portal automatically exports enrollment transactions to your claim system. This saves your team the time and hassle of keying in enrollments, enabling you to work more productively and quickly.

HPS’ Online Enrollment provides rules-based displays and enrollment tracking so that Payers can create clarity about their enrollment benefits, process, and next steps.

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