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How to Get Organized Using Your Web Portal

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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How to Get Organized Using Your Web Portal

Given the various demands and changes in the healthcare industry, organization is a large need for Healthcare Payers. With growing complexity from the ACA, added reporting and communication requirements, and the emergence of more healthcare vendors and programs, organization is key in successfully managing employee benefit plans.

A web portal can do a great deal to help employers and health insurance administrators address these needs. Here are the top ways a web portal can help them get organized for their employee benefits and health plan operations:


  1. Consolidating Benefits Data

    Managing and tracking benefit plans requires managing and tracking numerous types of benefit plan data, all of which are typically located in different systems. HPS consolidates this data for you so that it is all located within a single web portal. This not only makes data access and reporting easier, but it also enables companies to keep their data if they change to different systems later on.

  2. Organizing Vendors

    As health plan management becomes more complex, we’re finding the emergence of many new healthcare vendors in the industry. To ease your vendor management and coordination efforts, HPS organizes these vendors into your portal as well, providing a single point of access to your vendor programs and information. This enables you to present your vendors’ solutions in a single, branded portal that is cohesive and representative of your company’s brand.

  3. Communicating with Key Stakeholders

    Besides communicating benefits information to members, communication with vendors, brokers, and physicians is also key to a well-organized benefit program. By tying all key parties into your portal, they can access their relevant information and communicate with you through secure email, live chat, document sharing, and other means. This enables your company to communicate with your stakeholders in an efficient, organized fashion.


These are just a few ways that HPS can help your business, and if you’re trying to get your employee benefit programs organized, there’s no better time than now. 

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