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Got Spanish?

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Got Spanish?

Whether you’re a US-based payer or a multinational payer, the ability to communicate with members in Spanish is a growing necessity. And since more members are interacting with payers online, it’s critical that Payers be prepared to engage their Spanish-speaking members in that space.

The HPS web portal is designed to help Payers engage their users in whatever language they speak. But since Spanish is a more frequently used language, there are several more tools available to engage your Spanish-speaking population. Here are some tools you can use to better connect with your Spanish-speaking users online.


Portal Translation

The HPS portal lets users choose the language in which the portal displays. When they select Spanish, the tab names, field names, buttons, and other portal labels will translate into Spanish, making for easier navigation. All translations are done by professionals who specialize in the health insurance context. This makes for very relevant online translations for your users.


Live Chat Translation

It can be hard to staff your call centers with reps who speak English and Spanish. As a result, HPS’ live chat helps you communicate with Spanish-speakers even if you don’t speak Spanish. When users send a chat message in Spanish, live chat will translate the message into English for your CSRs, and when CSRs respond in English, the message will translate back into Spanish for the user. This enables you to break the language barrier with your users without having Spanish-speakers on staff.


Spanish Health Videos & Tools

HPS’ Health & Wellness Tools include more than 2,000 health & wellness articles and videos that are in both English and Spanish. These online tools cover a variety of topics – from nutrition to exercise to mental health – and are designed to help Spanish-speaking members move toward a healthier lifestyle.


Multilingual Telemedicine Services

MeMD, our integrated telemedicine partner, lets members consult with their telemedicine doctor over the phone or webcam in Spanish. In addition to the telemedicine service itself, MeMD also provides communication materials in Spanish that employers can use to promote MeMD to their Spanish-speaking employees.


Multilanguage Document Filters

Need to share documents in Spanish? Simply load those translated documents to your portal and mark them as being in Spanish. When your users log in and are reviewing the documents you’ve posted, they can filter the documents that show so they only see the Spanish ones. This helps your users quickly find the documents most meaningful to them, and helps you communicate with them more effectively. 



Online engagement of the Spanish-speaking population is no longer out of reach. With HPS’ Internationalization Tools, your company can communicate and actively engage your Spanish-speakers while boosting your Customer Service efforts too.

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