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4 Forms You Should Create With the Web Forms Manager

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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4 Forms You Should Create With the Web Forms Manager

With HPS’ Web Forms Management tool, you can create and post your own online forms, surveys, and questionnaires in your HIPAA-compliant portal. It eliminates the need for users to download forms, fill them out, and then mail, fax, or scan them to you. Instead, they can simply complete forms in your portal and your team can instantly see the details.

HPS’ clients use the Web Forms Manager to support various business functions and regulatory compliance needs. Here are the most popular web forms they’ve created that you should consider for your portal.


Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

HRAs can be lengthy documents to complete, and oftentimes more information is needed if people answer the questions a certain way. Use the Web Forms Manager to only ask more questions if needed. By doing this, you’ll create an easier user experience and increase the chances members will complete their HRA.

Coordination of Benefits (COB) Forms

When you need to collect information about members’ other health plans, mailing COB forms consume excessive time and money. Instead, direct users to fill out their COB details online. By posting your COB forms in your portal, your users can quickly fill them out without any paper, mailing, or faxing.

Release of Personal Health Information (PHI)

With the growing sensitivity about use of personal data, it’s increasingly important for patients to officially authorize the sharing of their PHI. Give patients the ability to authorize the release of their PHI using an online form. Your portal will keep a permanent record of all web forms your members submit.

Provider Attestations

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and other government legislation require providers to attest that they’ve completed essential trainings. Give your providers the ability to submit their attestations in your portal. They can easily do it using their computer or mobile device.


The examples above only scratch the surface of how you can use the Web Forms Manager to facilitate electronic form submissions. Regardless of the forms you create, using the Web Forms Manager will reduce the time and expense your team spends shuffling paper forms, mailing documents, and following up on missing information.

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