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9 Types of Data to Download from Your Portal

Posted on by Jenny Wan
Person downloading data from the portal into a CSV file

9 Types of Data to Download from Your Portal

It’s good when data is accessible in your portal. It’s better when data is downloadable from your portal.

Data isn’t just meant to be viewed; it’s meant to be used as well. The HPS portal empowers you to download important information for further analysis, use, and to help you avoid manual data entry.

Here are 9 types of information that you can download from your portal into a CSV file.


1. Member Prescription Claim Details

Very often, claim systems can’t import a complete prescription claim file, which leaves you trying to find the missing claim details. However, because HPS imports full prescription files, your team can download a complete set of a member’s prescription claim details from your portal.

2. Healthcare Claim Details

Do providers ever ask you to email or fax details for specific healthcare claims? Or do you ever wish you could easily analyze claim details yourself? With the click of a button, both you and your providers can download claim search results for further analysis and recordkeeping.

3. User Email Addresses

Want to send an email campaign to targeted groups of users? Your web portal collects user email addresses as a part of portal registration. As a result, when you need an email list, simply download the email addresses for your members, providers, and other users from your portal.

4. EOB Opt-Out Records

When members opt out of mailed Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) in your portal, you reduce your print and mailing costs. Download member EOB opt-out records so that you can track which members have opted out and which members need a reminder.

5. ID Card Requests

After you’ve approved ID card requests in your portal, you can download all the ID card request details. This makes it easy for you to import ID card requests into another system without having to manually key in each one.

6. Appeal & Grievance Submissions

Time is of the essence when it comes to responding to appeals & grievances. As soon as providers submit an appeal or grievance in your portal, you can quickly download the details, enabling you to review and respond to each one in a timely fashion.

7. Web Form Submissions

When users submit surveys, health risk assessments, and other forms through your portal, your team can download the details that were submitted. This lets you analyze results, keep better records, and track participation.

8. Reports

Your portal lets you analyze various pieces of your data, from member census details to your top claim diagnoses. To deepen your analysis, simply download your reports into a CSV. You can even give brokers, underwriters, and other stakeholders the ability to do this too.

9. Pre-Authorization Requests

When providers submit authorization requests, your team must respond quickly. Download authorization request details from your portal so you can delegate requests to reviewers, track which ones have been worked, and the outcome of each request.


Viewing data is good, but using data is better. The HPS portal empowers you to do both by giving you 24/7 access to your data and the ability to download important data for further use.

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