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A 360 Approach to Employee Healthcare

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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A 360 Approach to Employee Healthcare

As the healthcare landscape has changed, so have the needs of employees when it comes to their healthcare. Healthcare plans that used to be considered a big plus in a benefits package have now become standard, reducing a lot of the “sizzle” that attracts new applicants and keeps current employees engaged. Now employees are seeking ways to better manage their health and while keeping costs low.

In an attempt to add value to employee benefit packages, employers are making their best efforts to accommodate those growing employee needs. However, how is an employer to implement them without making the employee benefit program disjointed and complicated? 

Through the use of Corporate Benefit Portals, employers can consolidate all of their employee healthcare initiatives into a single web portal. This creates a cohesive health & wellness experience for employees and an organized benefit program for the employer. 

Here are a few examples of health & wellness solutions that employers can tie together in their Corporate Benefit Portal.


Rather than taking a half day off work to go to the doctor, employees can have a 15 minute consultation with a doctor over the phone or webcam. By adding telemedicine to the Corporate Benefit Portal, employees can access their electronic health record, schedule appointments, and review prescription and lab results in a secure, online environment.

Health Coaching

Besides having access to a doctor when they’re sick, employees are looking for ways to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. By contacting a personal health coach through the Corporate Benefit Portal, employees can get help and advice for developing a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness Programs

Whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking, or de-stressing, employees can participate in numerous programs to help them improve a certain aspect of their health. Employers can even create wellness competitions that allow employees to compete against each other for a certain health initiative.

Healthcare Pricing Transparency

As high deductible plans become more common, employees can manage their healthcare costs by using online tools to estimate the cost of a certain health procedure. This allows them to choose the facility that is most cost effective for them (and ultimately the employer as well).

Personal Health Tools & Tips

Corporate Benefit Portals can include daily videos, health tips, and diagnosis tools that help employees stay healthy, take better care of their families, and learn how to best handle their medical conditions.

Corporate Benefit Portals allow employers to organize all employee healthcare programs into a single portal branded with the employer’s logo. Rather than logging into different sites for different programs, employees can log into one corporate portal to access all of the programs available as part of their benefits package. And lastly, by tying various healthcare programs together, employers not only address the entire 360 spectrum of employee healthcare needs, but also do so in a way that creates a very powerful presentation of the employee benefits package.

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