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3 Ways to a Cleaner Desk and Stronger Business Efficiencies

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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3 Ways to a Cleaner Desk and Stronger Business Efficiencies

Don’t you love the sight of a clean desk? The feeling that everything is managed, under control, and filed away where it should be?

A clean desk is not something we see often. In fact, if truth be told, the employee benefits world is often categorized by just the opposite. We often find our desks filled with stacks of paperwork, forms  that have been completed, and documents awaiting our review. However, use of the HPS web portal can help you manage and share your documents and forms in a way that is convenient, efficient, and ultimately cuts the amount of clutter for you. Here are three ways.

1. Secure Document Sharing

Whether it’s 1095s, enrollment packets, or training materials, your company has important documents that must be shared with the key people who need to see them. And not only that, you need to share those documents in a timely way without overwhelming the recipients with irrelevant information. The HPS Secure Document Sharing tool enables you to upload all important documents to your web portal for people to see. You have full control of who has access to documents, how long they are viewable online, and whether viewing abilities need to be limited by other factors, such as language or benefit type.

2. Automatic PDF Forms

All of us have standard forms we need completed for our daily operations. Rather than having them completed on paper, HPS enables you to send people online to fill them out. HPS posts your standard PDF forms online and pre-completes most of the form using the data you send us. This enables end users to simply fill in the blanks and hit the “submit” button. And there’s no need for them to print the completed form and drop it on your desk. You’ll get an email when there’s a new form available for review, and you can log in and view it as needed. Using this online form solution, you can ensure better data accuracy and save time from deciphering handwriting or manually keying in information.

3. Third Party Document Viewing

What if some documents are stored in a third party system? How can users access those? HPS integrates with third party systems so that their documents can easily be displayed online in your portal. There’s no need for users to log in separately to see those documents, and there’s no need for you to procure the documents yourself in order to upload them. The HPS integration makes third party document viewing easy and automatic as new documents become available.

The goal of a clean desk isn’t just some unreachable ideal; the HPS web portal makes achieving this goal very real while also enabling you to save time, boost efficiency, and do so in a way that’s convenient for you. Plus, the HPS web portal is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that any documents and forms that are uploaded to the portal stay there as long as you want them to. So try out the HPS web portal as a way to manage your forms, share your documents, and keep them off your desk in a secure, online environment where they belong.

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