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Why HPS Clients Use Our Faxback Solution

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Why HPS Clients Use Our Faxback Solution

Numerous HPS clients use our Provider Faxback Solution to enable providers to call a toll free number and request a fax with claim status or eligibility. Why is this you ask? After all, aren’t we a portal company?

Yes, we are a portal company and yes, we would prefer for providers to log in. However, based on what our other clients have experienced, use of the HPS Provider Faxback Solution still proves to be a cost-effective option for communicating with providers. With that said, here are the main reasons why HPS clients use our faxback.

1. Providers Want It.

Let’s face it. Many providers are still resistant to use portals and still want to receive that fax. Using a faxback solution, the providers who want faxes can easily request and receive information   in an automated way. Your portal will also report which providers are the heaviest faxback users so that you can encourage them to use the portal next time.

2. It still reduces call volumes.

Though it’s not the most high-tech way to get information, use of faxback still keeps providers off the phone. In fact, many clients offer the faxback option to provider callers before transferring them to Customer Service. And when you compare the cost for sending a fax to the cost per minute for Customer Service staffing, faxback still proves to be the more cost effective option.

3. No monthly minimum.

Clients are only billed for faxback based upon how much it is used (per minute and per page faxed). There are no monthly minimums, so if your faxback has low utilization, your costs will be low too.

4. No busy signals.

The toll free faxback number your providers use is tied to a national call center network. As a result, providers using the faxback service will not get busy signals during high traffic hours.

5. No hardware required.

The HPS faxback solution is built entirely upon the existing servers and databases we use for your web portal. As a result, your company won’t have to spend extra money on servers, special phone lines, or staff time for setting it all up.

So whether you’re trying to lower call volumes or expedite the ways providers get information, the HPS Faxback Solution can help you achieve both goals in a cost effective manner. To learn more about our Provider FaxBack Solution and to try it out, schedule a demo.




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