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Yearly Archives: 2016

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Online Enrollment: Repurposed for 1095s

Online Enrollment is most commonly associated with, well, enrollment! However, online enrollment tools can be used for much more than just the selection of coverage or the changing of an address. The HPS Online Enrollment tool is extremely flexible, enabling …

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The HPS Portal and Data Integration, Part II

As mentioned in our previous blog, data integration plays a huge role in a successful portal. Between having all information in one place, reports of integrated data, and document consolidation, the perks of an integrated portal are numerous. HPS’ flexibility …

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The HPS Portal and Data Integration, Part I

A web portal brings information together from diverse sources and displays them in a uniform way. Unlike any healthcare web portals, HPS’ web portal consolidates a  variety of systems and information for your convenience. Whether you need data from claims systems, benefits …

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Manage RX Costs Using Online Pre-authorization Requests

Prescription drug costs continue to rise, becoming one of the largest drivers of benefit plan costs. In fact, according to Willis Towers Watson, 53% of employers are adding adding restrictions such as prior authorization for specialty drugs in an attempt …

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Best Practices for Communicating Through Your Web Portal

Web portals are often seen as just an informational tool – a way to look up data or fill out forms. However, they are just as much of a communication resource as they are an operations tool. For example, tools …

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Three Ways to a Cleaner Desk and Stronger Business Efficiencies

Don’t you love the sight of a clean desk? The feeling that everything is managed, under control, and filed away where it should be? A clean desk is not something we see often. In fact, if truth be told, the employee …

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Why HPS Clients Use Our Faxback Solution

Numerous HPS clients use our Faxback Solution to enable providers to call a toll free number and request a fax with claim status or eligibility. Why is this you ask? After all, aren’t we a portal company? Yes, we are a …

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