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The HPS Portal and Data Integration, Part I

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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The HPS Portal and Data Integration, Part I

A web portal brings information together from diverse sources and displays them in a uniform way. Unlike any healthcare web portals, HPS’ web portal consolidates a  variety of systems and information for your convenience. Whether you need data from claims systems, benefits and eligibility systems, wellness programs, or other systems or programs, HPS will consolidate your data into a single, online portal that is privately branded for your business. Keep reading below to understand the benefits of data integration in the HPS Portal.

All Information in One Place

With the HPS portal, you can provide many types of data to your users. Unlike other portals that may not be able to integrate with other vendors, we can. HPS will will interface with the systems and vendors of your choice. But not only that, we’ll display all your data in single portal so your users don’t have to log in to different portals to see data from different systems.

Reports of Integrated Health Data

Without an integrated portal, developing reports requires companies to manually create their own report using the separate reports from each system that they use. As many can relate, it can become difficult to combine different report formats and data into a single report that is cohesive and understandable. With HPS’ user friendly portal, when we integrate different systems and vendors, we integrate every aspect, including reports. We provide a single, convenient and automated report of multiple data sources to make it easier on our clients.

Not Just the Integration of Data

HPS does not only integrate multiple types of data, but it also consolidates an array of documents, EOBs, and wellness programs. This variation can be from multiple vendors and as many as your business prefers. Once we interface with the vendors of your choice, we will do what we do best: display all your information and details on a single user-friendly portal.

By offering one portal that consolidates all your data, you can increase your business’s efficiencies as well as enhance the user experience. Stay organized and up-to-date without the hassle of logging into multiple portals.

To learn more about the types of systems we integrate for you, check out Part 2 of this blog.

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