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The HPS Portal and Data Integration, Part II

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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The HPS Portal and Data Integration, Part II

As mentioned in our previous blog, data integration plays a huge role in a successful portal. Between having all information in one place, reports of integrated data, and document consolidation, the perks of an integrated portal are numerous. HPS’ flexibility with integration enhances clients’ portals and their usability, and since we specialize in integration, HPS can pair with any system and vendor our clients choose. Outlined below are just a few of the types of systems and vendors we can integrate for you.

Claim Systems

Integration with claim systems are a huge part of our clients’ portals. The claim system provides the data for online claim status and eligibility review; however, we also use this data to create online tools that help users accomplish important tasks, such as printing an ID card, enrolling online, or submitting a pre-authorization. Additionally, the portal sends data collected online back into the claim system, creating a seamless, efficient way of updating your core systems.

Print & Mail Fulfillment Centers

Print and mail fulfillment centers use claims data to print and mail EOBs, EOPs, and ID cards to specified parties. However, they also store images of the documents they’ve produced. HPS’ integration with print and mail fulfillment centers allows us to bring the electronic EOB, EOP, and ID card images into the portal to be viewed along with your other data. This enables users to conveniently see important documents and data all in one place.

Prescription Benefit Managers (PBMs)

Prescription benefit managers store prescription history and claims data for your members. HPS’ PBM integration enables clients to pull in and display their prescription claims data in their one, privately-branded portal. This enables all users to easily access prescription details without having to log into PBM portals separately.

Health & Wellness Vendors

Integrating with health & wellness vendors doesn’t just promote a healthy lifestyle; it also makes the user online experience more engaging. Whether it’s health tips and videos, EAP programs, or telemedicine, including these programs in your portal encourages healthy living and makes the portal more interactive, increasing portal usage.


HPS integrates with a variety of other systems and vendors including: FSA, COBRA, and Case Management systems. Clients simply give us their preferred vendors and we tie them into a single portal so users can easily access all their healthcare information in one place.

Because HPS specializes in integration, the system or vendor you use does not matter to us. We’ll focus on the integration so that your company can focus on what’s most important to you – communicating to your stakeholders efficiently, securely, and in a way that’s engaging.

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