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Your Benefits Supercenter

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Your Benefits Supercenter

In the 1800s, shopping was very fragmented. You went to the butcher to buy meat, the baker to buy bread, the tailor to buy clothes, and so on. Nowadays, the prevalence of supermarkets and supercenters makes shopping so much easier. Not only can you buy food, but you can get your oil changed, your nails done, and even sit down to eat lunch all in one place. The prevalence of supercenters has made one-stop shopping a convenient experience that has increased supermarket traffic and revenue.

The world of healthcare is in dire need of a similar solution. Unlike groceries, healthcare is complicated and very hard to navigate. Many members and employers struggle to keep track of the benefits they have and how to manage them, much less where they should go to do that. With an integrated web portal, your company can provide the solution members and employers need to make their healthcare experience as seamless and easy as a supercenter shopping trip. Here’s how.


One Stop Shop for Healthcare Data and Programs

A web portal displays information from multiple sources in a unified way. When implementing a web portal, your company can pull in data from different sources – such as your claim system, PBMs, EOB distributors, and ancillary wellness vendors – and display it all within one seamless portal. This gives your members, employers, and internal staff a one-stop place to go for all the healthcare information that’s relevant to them. There’s no longer a need to log into different portals for different information. By accessing it all with one login, the user experience is easier, faster, and more pleasant for those logging in.

Benefits Productivity Center

Just as supercenters let you get your oil changed while you do grocery shopping, your company can let users productively manage their benefits while they’re looking up their data. Using the same integrated web portal, your users can submit an enrollment, submit a new claim or pre-authorization, request an ID card, download a report, or send you an email with questions. By enhancing your integrated portal with these tools, your users will be more productive in managing their benefits while helping your company automate its benefit administration processes.

Creating Stronger Brand Value

When a supercenter delivers a positive, easy shopping experience, the shopper will return to the supercenter again. In the same way, your company has the potential of increasing brand value by delivering a valuable online experience in your portal. Integrated web portals are privately branded with the same logos, fonts, and colors used in your other marketing materials. As a result, when your users have a straightforward way to access their data and an easy way to finish their benefit tasks, they’ll have a positive impression of your company brand and they’ll return to login again.


In a healthcare world categorized by confusion, difficulty, and frustration, your company can deliver a solution that will make the healthcare experience easier and more beneficial to your stakeholders. By giving a one-stop-shop for healthcare data, ways to productively manage benefits, and a positive brand interaction, your company can create its own healthcare supercenter that creates an easier healthcare experience and strengthens your business efficiencies and marketability.

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