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Portal Notifications

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Portal Notifications

Have you ever created a portal account only to never log into it again? Many times when it comes to portals, out of sight is out of mind. If we’re not reminded to use the portal, chances are slim we’ll log in and use it.

HPS portals have several types of notifications that keep members, providers, employers, and other users engaged and logging in regularly. These notifications not only inform the user about account activity, but also remind them to use the portal, which increases portal engagement and ROI.

Here are 3 ways the HPS portal easily and automatically keeps your company’s brand and web portal at the top of your users’ minds.


  1. Email Notifications

    HPS portals have more than 75 notifications that can keep your users in the loop about their portal account, claims activity, and other communications. Whether it’s a change in claim status, a new secure email received, or a new online enrollment submitted, your users will get an email that prompts them to log into the portal to take action. All of these emails are generated automatically based on changes in your data or when a request is submitted online. This saves your staff time from having to manually update users when there’s been a change. Another bit of good news is that these notifications can go to your staff in addition to your end users, helping you stay on track and in the loop yourself.

  2. Text Notifications

    The world is going mobile, and plan members are increasingly relying on their mobile device to stay on top of things, especially when it comes to healthcare. To keep members engaged with your portal and their healthcare activity, automatic notifications can also be sent to members through SMS text. This reaches members in the way that’s convenient for them, pushes them to your portal, and enables your company to engage them more effectively.

  3. Monthly Wellness Newsletters

    What if there’s simply no online activity requiring a user’s attention? To keep those users engaged, HPS creates and sends privately branded monthly wellness newsletters on behalf of our clients. These email newsletters highlight tips, articles, and videos about a specific health topic and encourage users to log into the portal for more information. This enables you to stay in contact with your users each month and to offer them more reasons to go online beyond review of data.


Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t have to be the case for your portal. Through the use automated notifications, you can not only keep users informed about their information but also keep your company and portal at the top of their minds.

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