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Who Our Clients Are And Why We’re Thankful for Them

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Who Our Clients Are And Why We’re Thankful for Them

As we come to the time of year when we reflect on what we’re thankful for, our clients are at the top of that list. Our clients are a very unique and special group of people, and over the past couple of decades, they have been our dear partners, friends, and a source of inspiration. Here’s why.


HPS Clients are Industry Pioneers

Back in 2000, the internet was still fairly new, and online self-service was an even newer, more foreign concept. Despite this, our clients embraced this new concept by employing online web portals for their business even when few others did. Today, as our industry and technology change, our clients are still pioneers as they embrace new forms of technology from mobile, to telemedicine, to text messaging, and beyond. It is this pioneering spirit that not only helped HPS grow but also led other healthcare payers into the unknown of healthcare technology.

HPS Clients are Fearless

Over the past 18 years, and especially in the last 10, our industry has been hammered with big and scary changes. From the ACA, to industry consolidation, to growing cybersecurity threats, there seems to be a constant stream of challenges around every corner. However, HPS clients have boldly and courageously stepped up to each challenge. Using their portals to scale and adapt, our clients have not only weathered the various storms but also thrived in spite of them.

HPS Clients Have Unrivaled Patience and Attention to Detail

During a time when data security and privacy is paramount, HPS clients have risen to the occasion in helping us keep their information secure. They show good judgement in configuring their portal to share information securely and have been faithful with testing their portals, data feeds, and new releases. Testing data and security is not something that should be rushed through, and HPS clients patiently and determinedly make sure that their customers’ information is not only correct, but also protected.

HPS Clients Are Innovative

Many of our best solutions were inspired by HPS clients. Over the years, our clients have openly shared what they need to improve their business, and that has guided many of our new releases. Whether it be online invoicing, claim funding management, aggregate and specific reporting, or integrating claims with wellness content, client feedback has made HPS products inspired by payers and developed for payers.

HPS Clients Are Committed to Delivering Healthcare More Efficiently

From the very earliest years, HPS clients adopted web portal technology for business process improvement. They realized that to succeed, they had to do away with manual processes, paper-based workflows, and phone-based resolution of questions. Even today, HPS clients are dissatisfied with the status quo and constantly pursue faster communications, offering more convenient access to data, and reducing administrative hassles for themselves and their customers. As a result, HPS clients have not only used their portal to operate more efficiently, but also to become more competitive in the market.


With all that said, we want to extend a big “thank you” to our clients for their partnership and loyalty over the past 18 years. We look forward to the next 18 as we bring about continued improvements and growth in our industry together.

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