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Your Menu of Online Reporting Options with HPS

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Your Menu of Online Reporting Options with HPS

Deciding what reports to use in your portal is like walking into the cafeteria for a meal. There are many options, but the meal you’ll choose will be based on your appetite, budget, and dietary needs. When assessing what reports to use in the HPS web portal, Payers and Employers decide based on their business objectives, budget, and needs of the end user.

Though there are many reporting options, HPS can incorporate them all. As you consider your online reporting needs, step into HPS’ cafeteria, and let us show you the menu of reporting options available to you.



Grab & Go

HPS offers 20+ standard reports as part of every implementation. These reports cover a variety of claim and census metrics, ranging from top claims based on diagnosis, to census by plan, to enrollment status reports. With the ability to download and archive these reports, HPS’ standard reporting package is beneficial for those who need fast and easy access to reports.

Bring Your Own

If you produce your own reports and want to make those available online, HPS lets you do that too. Using our External Reports tool, you can upload your reports and control which parties can access which ones. This enables you to manage and share the reports that you and your users are used to, while doing it in a secure and controlled manner.


For those who want reports formatted in a certain way or who have special reports they need produced online, HPS can custom-make reports on your behalf. Because we consolidate data from multiple systems, we can produce reports that illustrate the consolidated data in a way that your individual systems can’t. Plus, the formatting, data elements shown, and filtering options will be served up and presented just as you like it.


When clients use a third-party vendor for reporting and analytics, HPS can seamlessly incorporate that into your portal too. One way is through single sign-on, where we create a direct link from your portal to the third-party portal so that the end user doesn’t have to log in separately to access reports. Another way is for us to securely send your data to the third-party vendor so you can run your reporting off their system. In either case, HPS ensures that your access to third party analytics solutions is simple, seamless, and easy for the end user.



HPS’ menu of reporting options provides something for everyone. Ranging from simple to complex, standard to custom, or turnkey to do-it-yourself, each business has the opportunity to optimize their reporting use and distribution online with HPS.

Still not sure what menu option is best for you? Schedule a Demo to explore the menu further.


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