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Four Uses for Live Chat You May Not Know About

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Four Uses for Live Chat You May Not Know About

Revised on June 8, 2023

Live Chat provides an easy and cost-effective way to engage with your users through your portal. Besides instant messaging in a secure environment, Live Chat has other capabilities that can improve the experience for your users and productivity for your team.

Here are four uses for Live Chat you may not know about:


Language Translation

In this day and age, there’s a growing need for multilingual customer service. Live Chat helps you meet that need by automatically translating chat messages for you. If your member types in a chat message in Spanish, it will appear for you in English and vice versa. Chat can do this for over 52 languages, so if you struggle with communicating in other language, live chat has you covered.


Your Customer Service Team should be answering questions as quickly as possible. But when members struggle to convey their benefits question, a picture is worth a thousand words. Live Chat helps you get a clear view of the member’s question by enabling online screensharing or cobrowsing the portal along with them. By seeing what the member sees, your Customer Service team can quickly understand and answer their questions.

Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence

Many members will access your portal after work hours when your office is closed. However, chatbots powered by artificial intelligence allow your company to answer questions 24/7. After you define the answers to the most common questions, Chatbots can address user questions whether your office is open or not. And in the cases when the Chatbot cannot answer the question, it will collect the user’s contact details, questions, and send it to your team to address on the next business day. Chatbots establish your Customer Service presence at all times, while providing a first line of defense in fielding the most common questions.

Chat Through Text (SMS)

Texting has become one of the top ways to communicate with plan members. Live Chat opens up these lines of communication by enabling members to chat with your Customer Service Team via text. The member can simply send their text to a designated phone number, and the text will appear in your Customer Service Team’s chat console to address. As Customer Service replies back, the member will receive their reply by text. This lets your company leverage a highly effective communication channel in a way that’s convenient for the member.


When it comes to live chat, there is so much more than meets the eye, and the things that don’t meet the eye can do a great deal to improve productivity for your business.

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