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Five Important Benefits of Privately-Branded Portals

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Five Important Benefits of Privately-Branded Portals

Web portals are an extension of your company’s brand. The ease in which users access information, the attractiveness of your portal, and the consistency of its branding all contribute to the user’s perception of your company.

Web portals are critical for building your company’s online presence. Here are 5 important benefits of using HPS’ privately-branded web portals.



1. Sense of Ownership

You’re not leasing the web portal from someone else. The portal has your company’s branding, and as such, the web portal is yours. It is owned by your company and is yours to use for communications and other customer-centric activities.

2. Consistent Online Brand Presence

The portal doesn’t simply have your logo slapped on the top. It is completely graphically aligned with your public website – from fonts, to colors, to button shapes. This enables you to extend your company’s brand presence from your public website to your secure web portal.

3. Flexibility for Sub-branding

You probably have at least one client who would like to see their logo in the portal. To help you accommodate this, HPS provides simple upload tools for displaying your clients’ logos. That way when users tied to those clients are logged in, they’ll see the appropriate logo that’s been uploaded for them.

4. Web and Mobile Brand Presence

In a recent survey from IntelliResponse, 74% of respondents said they’d be willing to use a mobile app or mobile website if it was provided by their insurer. As a result, your company’s brand must shine not just from desktop PCs, but also from mobile devices. With HPS’ mobile portals, your company’s brand image not only displays well on mobile devices, but also consistently with how it displays on desktop computers.

5. Branded Tools for Your Portal Success

The best portals are most successful when people log in and use them. As a result, HPS provides marketing and communication materials to help you promote your portal and get users to log in regularly. And whether it’s video tutorials, wellness newsletters, postcards, or presentations, all will be privately-branded to reflect that consistent image of your company’s brand.



Given the amount of time that users spend online, your web portal shouldn’t be an afterthought. Use your web portal to extend your brand presence, impress your users, and create a positive perception of your company’s brand and services.

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