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Optimize Online Enrollment While Social Distancing

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Optimize Online Enrollment While Social Distancing

In the new age of social distancing, enrollment season will be much more virtualized compared to previous years. HPS’ Online Enrollment can help you manage the transition to virtual while also streamlining your benefit processes and keeping all parties healthier. Here’s how.


Access from Any Device

Because of social distancing, in-person enrollment fairs may not be as popular. However, enrollment is now more convenient than ever because it can be done from mobile devices, in addition to computers. By pushing users online to submit their enrollments, you can still keep that steady flow of enrollment applications coming in even if you’re not there in person.

Document Attachment

HPS’ Online Enrollment allows users to submit documents along with their enrollment application. These could be a marriage certificate, proof of insurance, or other important documents. By directing users to submit these documents electronically, you can cut down on the germy paper documents crossing your desk.

Online Screen-sharing

Members always have questions during enrollment season, and this year will be no different. If you won’t be physically present to help members enroll, use the web portal online screen-sharing. If members have questions as they enroll, they can simply share their screen with you so you can see what they see and address their questions accordingly. This allows you to walk members through enrollment even if you’re not physically present to do it.

Digital Handouts

While members may be used to getting handouts about the various benefits and options, you can still distribute those through the online enrollment. Answers to enrollment FAQs, benefit flyers, and plan comparison guides can be posted directly to the members’ personalized online enrollment form. This will give the member the same handouts they’re expecting while saving you some printing costs too.


Virtual enrollment is a change that will offer opportunities for your company’s growth and success this enrollment season. It will save you time from traveling to enrollment events, cut down printing costs, and reduce your reliance on paper. It will also let you provide personal interaction with members and create new efficiencies through process automation.

In your first social distancing enrollment season, use HPS’ Online Enrollment to create an efficient, successful, and safe virtual enrollment event. Schedule a demo today.

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