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Creating a Member Login Account

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Your web portal lets members create their own login account, but sometimes members need some help. Here’s how you can create a web portal account on behalf of a plan member.


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Welcome to Health Portal Solutions’ Training on Creating a Member Login Account.

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When a member needs to create a login account for your portal, he has self-service ways to do that from your portal login screen. However, if the member needs your assistance, it is easy for you to create his login account too. Here’s how.

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Go to your Control Panel to the New Members Section. Then, search for the member. Click the Edit icon for that member.

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Type in the Email Address he’d like to have associated with his account. Remind the member that this email address will serve as his username. Also, when your portal sends notifications to the member, they will be sent to this email address.

Then clickCreate Account.

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The member will then receive an email from the portal asking him to complete his portal registration. The email will look something like this, and the member must click the unique link in this email.

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The member will then be prompted to set his security questions, his password, and can then log into your portal.

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Thanks for watching this training. Contact HPS Support for any other questions.

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