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Online Enrollment: Repurposed for 1095s

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Online Enrollment: Repurposed for 1095s

Online Enrollment is most commonly associated with, well, enrollment! However, online enrollment tools can be used for much more than just the selection of coverage or the changing of an address. The HPS Online Enrollment tool is extremely flexible, enabling you to not only use it for traditional enrollment purposes, but also to repurpose it for other business needs. Here are a few key ways that HPS Online Enrollment can support your team with the 1095-filing process.

Collecting Eligibility for Employees Who Waive Coverage

Getting eligibility data for employees electing coverage is easy. Obtaining that kind of information for employees who are waiving coverage can be a little more challenging. However, HPS’ Online Enrollment forms let employees fill out their demographic information, indicate their waiving of coverage, and then to submit those details to your staff. This enables your team to efficiently gather eligibility for all employees – not just the ones who elected coverage.

Transmitting Data to Your Claim System

After the enrollment process is complete, the web portal generates a file of the data for all employees and whether they elected or waived coverage. The file is automatically transmitted to your claim system, enabling your team to quickly process the enrollments and also to use the eligibility data for your 1095s.

Involving Brokers and Employers

Need to delegate? Online forms can be filled out not only by employees, but also by employers and brokers. So if you’d prefer for the employer or broker to submit forms on behalf of employees, it’s easy to turn on that capability for those parties. Regardless of who fills out the form, your team will have a more efficient way of managing the enrollment process and collecting of 1095 information.

You don’t necessarily need to have more technology in order to do more. And in this case, the use of the HPS Online Enrollment solution enables your team to manage the process for both enrollment and collecting important data for 1095s.

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