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How Your Web Portal Helps you Streamline Communications

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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How Your Web Portal Helps you Streamline Communications

Updated on November 30, 2023

Communication, Communication, Communication. It’s key to the success of relationships, projects, and the effectiveness of your business operations.

Whether it’s reminders to use important benefits, details about your operating hours, or guidance for navigating an insurance plan, it is critical that these items are communicated in a way that is timely and relevant.

Besides showing healthcare data, web portals can also be used as a platform for your company communications. Here are 4 key ways that HPS web portals support your communications without software development:

Easy Online Help Editor

Do members need help comparing healthcare plans? Do users need instructions on how to complete important forms? Are they looking for answers to frequently-asked questions? The web portal enables your team to address these types of questions by creating and posting your own help content. Using a simple content editor, your team can easily edit and post your help content, enabling more accessible answers to users’ questions.

Quick Web Page Text Updates

Is your office closed for the holidays or due to inclement weather? Is there new information in the portal that users should be aware of? Do you have last minute reminders to share for enrollment season? Using the web portal Content Management tool, your staff can quickly post last minute or urgent updates for your users to view. These updates would display as static text on the web page or even in the form of scrolling banner text. In either case, your team can quickly post updates or reminders that are immediately viewable to those logging in.

Targeted Content & Messages

Is one group of employees using a new benefit? Is one of your clients enrolling during a different time of year? Do providers need special instructions about forms to submit? Use the portal Content Management tool to post targeted updates, announcements, and reminders to certain users. So whether it’s a group of plan members, a certain client, or other key stakeholders, the Content Manager will enable you to share targeted communications with the key parties who need to see it.

Automated Email Notifications

How about automating communications? The web portal can do that too. Based on your data and the activity online, the portal will generate automated emails to users informing them about new information and prompting them to take action. Whether it’s a change in claim status, a secure email ready for review, or an enrollment notification, the user is informed immediately so they can log in and respond quickly.

The HPS web portal empowers your team to communicate more effectively with your key stakeholders.  Using standard online tools, your staff can enable communications in a way that is easy, fast, targeted, and automated.

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