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Celebrating the Past, Present & Future

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Celebrating the Past, Present & Future

This March, Health Portal Solutions is celebrating 15 years in business! Healthcare is an ever-changing industry, and we’re proud to have served our clients with the latest in benefit solutions in healthcare technology. As we reflect upon the last 15 years, we wanted to share how we got here, where we’re going, and how it will impact your business in the future.


The Past

Fifteen years ago, Health Portal Solutions was founded to make benefit management and communication easier. The industry was growing and plan members and providers wanted one thing from Healthcare Payers—a more efficient way to get their claim and eligibility details without calling Customer Service.

How did HPS get into the portal business? HPS’ sister company, Benefit Management Administrators (BMA) started it all. Back in 1992, BMA, a Third Party Administrator (TPA), developed its own web portal to bolster its plan member and provider communications. As other TPAs recognized the value of the portal, demand grew and BMA spun off its technology division to be a separate entity: Health Portal Solutions (HPS).

HPS started by interfacing with third party vendors and systems, like Prescription Benefit Manager systems and Flexible Spending systems, to create a single point of access for relevant healthcare data. Soon after, online Analytical Reporting was created so Payers, Employers and Brokers could manage claims activity.

But it didn’t stop there. With the ever-changing industry, tools like Online Enrollment and Pre-Authorization Submission were added allowing the portal to seamlessly and securely collect and transmit data.

The Present

HPS now serves a diverse set of clients worldwide, including TPAs, Health Plans, Employers, Health Trusts, International Insurance Carriers, Government Payers and others. 

With more Healthcare Payers adopting the HPS portal, the constantly changing healthcare laws, and the new way members interact with Payers and Employers, HPS has enhanced its solutions to better engage the end user. During the period leading up to the emergence of PPACA and afterward, HPS recognized how online tools would support Payers and plan members as the industry transitioned to a consumer-directed healthcare model. As a result, by integrating telemedicine, wellness tools, and other tools into its portals, HPS has helped empower plan members to make educated healthcare decisions on their own while giving employers the resources they needed to organize employee healthcare and reduce healthcare costs.

We would like to thank everyone who has been with us throughout this 15-year journey. We truly appreciate every single client, partner, and HPS employee that has helped us become a leading provider in private-labeled web portals.

The Future

What can you expect from us in the future? HPS continues to enhance its portal to help its clients improve business processes, enhance marketability and strengthen communications in an increasingly global setting. Coming soon in future releases are responsive, mobile-compatible web portal design, more options for Multilanguage and internationalization needs, greater flexibility for portal branding and additional interfaces with the best of breed healthcare systems in the industry. As HPS moves forward into the future, our goal and leading principles will remain the same – to make benefits management and communication easier for Healthcare Payers.

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