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Top 5 Ways HPS Clients Use the Portal for Data Transmission

Posted on by Jenny Wan
data transfer between systems and health portals

Top 5 Ways HPS Clients Use the Portal for Data Transmission

One key advantage of the HPS web portal is its ability to pull data from healthcare systems for online display. But did you know that the portal can also transfer collected data to other systems and parties?

HPS web portals act as a two-way street for sending and receiving data in a way that is secure and HIPAA-compliant. When the portal collects data online, that information can be securely transmitted to carriers, claim systems, ID card vendors, wellness services, and other authorized parties.

Below are 5 ways the HPS web portal can help your company seamlessly transmit data:

Third-Party Vendor Subscriptions

Does your company work with multiple third-party vendors that provide services like wellness or prescription savings programs? The HPS web portal can automatically transport eligibility files to those vendors for new member subscription to the service. HPS also can integrate those vendor services into your portal, letting members easily access those services with a single sign on (SSO). By automating the way you share eligibility files with vendors, the HPS portal eliminates the need for your company to manually send data files yourself, making for easy vendor coordination.

Enrollment & Eligibility Maintenance

The HPS portal makes enrollment and eligibility maintenance easy by transmitting data from online enrollment forms back to the claim system, a carrier, or to another system for processing. HPS supports 834 or flat file transmissions, allowing for flexible yet secure options for getting important data to the right people. By automating the way enrollment data is shared with key parties, HPS helps companies seamlessly conduct enrollment and eligibility maintenance tasks.

Case Management Coordination

Does your organization need a more efficient way to manage pre-authorization requests? HPS supports case management activities by letting providers submit pre-authorization requests online and transmitting those requests to the appropriate system or vendor for review and processing. This enables a faster review and response to the request and ultimately a more efficient way to coordinate patient care.

Claims Data Review

HPS portals can also send claims, prescription and other healthcare data to third-party vendors who conduct utilization review, claims auditing or healthcare advocacy services. This enables these vendors to have the most recent information available to appropriately conduct their services.

ID Card Request Processing

If your company uses a third-party vendor to produce ID cards for plan members, the portal can transmit ID card requests submitted in your portal to the ID card vendor for processing. Requests can also be transmitted to a claim system or other processing system automatically, saving your company the hassle of manually send updated files.

These are just a few ways the HPS web portal can transmit data securely and in a way that complies with HIPAA. To begin automating the transfer of data to your systems and vendors, schedule a demo.


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