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Using the Portal While Traveling

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Using the Portal While Traveling

When you think about the benefits of using a web portal, benefit management, secure email and personal healthcare may come to mind. However, the web portal isn’t just for when people are at home; it’s also helpful for when they travel. As families start taking summer vacations and businessmen and woman begin traveling, the web portal will serve as an important resource in the event they get sick while they’re away. Below are 3 key ways your web portal can support individuals while they’re traveling.

Symptom Checker

Oftentimes, sudden and mysterious symptoms creep up on us whether it be a tingling feeling in your arm or unexpected heartburn.  The Symptom Checker is an interactive way to search symptoms—choosing between male, female and child—and find possible causes of those symptoms. This tool helps users take preventative steps to stay healthy, avoid illness and determine if and when it’s time to see a doctor.

My First Aid Kit

Maybe a family’s on vacation and someone gets a blister, burn or nosebleed and they’re scrambling to find treatment options. By logging into the portal and using My First Aid Kit, they can review a comprehensive list of different “first aid” issues along with an overview and treatment options. My First Aid Kit helps users determine if at-home treatment is acceptable or if a trip to the ER is necessary.

Telemedicine (pre-travel and during travel)

What should someone do if they need to take care of health precautions to travel abroad? Or if they caught a cold on a business trip? Contacting a telemedicine provider is the perfect solution for people living, working or traveling remotely. There’s no need to worry about finding a local doctor, ensuring they are covered by their plan or any language barriers in a foreign country. Users have inexpensive access to highly skilled, board-licensed telemedicine providers that will diagnose, treat and prescribe medications for non-emergency medical issues, so they can get back to business or back on the beach.

With the above tools available in the web portal, a convenient and affordable option is always available to support one’s health while traveling. By offering these tools in your portal, your users can get the care they need when they need it, without the stress and cost of finding a local doctor.

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