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HPS helps Payers consolidate their health & wellness programs into their portal so that access is easier for members and engagement is easier for Payers.

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How to Get Organized Using Your Web Portal

Given the various demands and changes in the healthcare industry, organization is a large need for Healthcare Payers. With growing complexity from the ACA, added reporting and communication requirements, and the emergence of more healthcare vendors and programs, organization is …

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Health Trusts

Health Trusts use the HPS portal to simplify the healthcare experience for members and to keep administrative costs low. Here’s how.

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About Us

Our web portal technology was specifically designed to help Payers organize their business online so they could operate more efficiently and drive growth. After 20 years, that’s still our objective.

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Healthcare Payers struggle to manage the moving parts of health plan administration. We help Payers organize their data, vendors, and business processes behind one login so they can efficiently manage the different pieces of healthcare in one place.

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