Business Tools

Business Tools

Tools for Effective Health Plan Management

Payers want to operate more effectively, and access to data is only the first step. HPS gives Payers the data integration and the tools they need to engage users and proactively manage healthcare plans. This helps Payers be effective and productive in their business operations.

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When your data and business processes are organized into your portal, you’ll be equipped to operate efficiently and drive growth.

Use these business tools to centralize your business operations and communications in your web portal.

Communication/Customer Service

Health Plan Management

  • Online Enrollment

Integrate Your Data Into One Portal

Your web portal consolidates data from the systems and vendors you use, and makes all your data accessible within one web portal platform.

You’ll have flexibility and ease in integrating the systems of your choice into your portal, including:

  • Print & Mail Fulfillment Centers

  • Prescription Systems

  • Case Management Programs

  • Online Payment Portals

Your web portal will be the central gateway from which to securely share and manage the information from your different systems.

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Payer bulk import of members

You Control Your Portal

Your portal from HPS will include a Control Panel, which lets you make over 30 portal customizations without software development or dependence on your internal IT staff.

Your Control Panel will let you operate with flexibility and speed as you:

  • Assist users with login accounts

  • Manage security & restrictions

  • Post & share important announcements

  • Adjust your portal display

  • Create a targeted online experience

By using your web portal Control Panel, you’ll increase the speed and responsiveness with which you engage your users online.

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Light speed objects going through portal

User Engagement

Your privately-branded portal will be the central gateway for key parties to communicate with you and to access information relevant to them.

  • Members & Dependents
  • Providers
  • Employers & Group Administrators
  • Case Managers
  • Stop Loss Underwriters
  • Your Internal Staff
  • Agents & Brokers

Your company controls which parties have access and what they’re able to view when they’re logged in. This enables you to manage security while also engaging users in a personalized, targeted way.

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Simple data access is not enough to grow your business.

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